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Andhra Pradesh seeks US investment in IT sector
Thu, 30 May 2013 06:14:05 GMT
Economic Times

Andhra Pradesh has sought US investment in its booming IT sector, particularly in the upcoming Gaming and Animation Park.

In a presentation made at the Capitol Hill at an event organised by the Indo-US Business and Political Association, state's Information and Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said Andhra Pradesh offers the best incentives to IT companies both in the hardware and software field.

"Increasing numbers of media and production companies working across a breathtaking array of platforms will look at GAME CITY to provide the 'softer' skills needed for selling, branding and marketing their products," he said in his power point presentation.

Arguing that Hyderabad has emerged as a knowledge economy, he said presence of 12 Universities and equal number of Schools of Excellences that churns out over half a million English-speaking graduates.

"Special programs offered by JNTU -School of Fine Arts provides readily available talent to the Animation and Gaming Industry. Reputed training centres promoted by Private sector also provides a fair amount of talent pool requirements to Animation and Gaming Industry," he said.
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