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Team Presentation
Monday, August 31, 2015

I. Mock Search:    

We all know that the provisions in relation to Section 132 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 dealing with Search are complex in nature and thus difficult to appreciate their intent in letter and spirit.  Keeping this in view, the Voice of CA in the series of its various efforts to facilitate members has conceptualized and developed a related Play – MOCK SEARCH.  As one can easily appreciate, a large work force/manpower is required to enact/play different roles in the MOCK SEARCH.  The same has been played at some places including the Branches at Faridabad and Karnal.  The reviews/reaction received are such that a demand has been received from a number of not only branches, but also from groups of members, to enact the above Play at their end.  Much that Voice of CA would have liked to do so, it has not been so possible mainly on account of the large manpower required.  However, acknowledging the interest evidenced by the members as well as the branches, video recording of one of the MOCK SEARCH enacted recently has been uploaded on social media.  Those interested may view the same at the link (Click for Mock Search Link)

The Voice of CA would like to clarify and thus place on record that the above recording was done for the limited purpose of and has been uploaded only for the academic interest of / pursuit by those interested.


  II.  Book on Tax Audit:

The Second Edition of the Book on Tax Audit under Section 44AB of the Income-tax Act, 1961 authored by CA. Sanjay Agarwal, our friend, philosopher and guide, and a member of the Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, released today [August 31, 2015].  The Book deals in a concise manner the various provisions of Section 44AB – particularly the related amendments that were brought about by the Finance Act, 2014 – and their nitty gritty.   The Book provides the comparative analysis of Revised Forms vis-à-vis earlier Form 3CA/3CB/3CD.  It also presents clause by clause analysis of Form 3CD. 




The First Edition of the Book was brought out in September, 2014.  The short span of time within which the Second Edition has been necessitated shows – one, the anxiety of CA. Agarwal to make available the updated position, and second, the popularity received by the Book.  One would emerge much wiser after perusing this Second Edition released today.


  III. Handbook on Practical Aspects of DT, IDT & Other Laws:

1.   The Handbook on Practical Aspects of Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes and Other Laws brought out by the Voice of CA has been released today [August 31, 2015]. The Handbook deals in a concise manner the various provisions in relation to Taxation of Charitable Trusts, Income Computation and Disclosure Standards, E-commerce, Deduction of tax on Payments to Non-Residents, Deemed Dividend, Goods and Service Tax, Abetment under Service tax Law, Operational Provisions under the Companies Act, 2013, Procedure of Renewal of FCRA Registration, XBRL etc.  




The Voice of CA is happy that the books and other publications brought out by it – in a simple and easy to appreciate manner - are proving to be helpful to the members as the same serve as a guide in their day-to-day discharge of duties, particularly when a single book deals with such a variety of topics.


 Golden Rules:

"Take the time to take the route that is right for you.
You will learn something valuable every trip you take,
so don't be afraid to make mistakes"


  Thanks & Regards


Voice of CA

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