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Due Date for Filing of TAR and ROI - An urgent request to the Members for sending representations at large
Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dear Member,

You are all aware that the Ministry of Finance, vide Press Note dated 9th September, 2015, has stated that the last date for filing of returns due by 30th September 2015 will not be extended.  As is evident, such a stand is devoid of the ground reality and the practicality involved and therefore is arbitrary and adamant.

A good number of our friends, sharing their thoughts with us, have expressed their dismay in the manner the matter has been dealt with by the CBDT.   We totally agree with them.  Accordingly, we submitted a detailed representation on 24th September, 2015 to our Hon’ble Finance Minister.   Our Institute had also taken up the matter and is vigorously following the same.  Writ Petition by some of our members before the judiciary is also understood to be underway.  However, in order that our just request receives the deserved attention, it is necessary that each one of us contributes thereby building a mass movement.  

Accordingly, you are requested to send a suitable representation to Hon’ble Finance Minister [], Revenue Secretary [] and Chairperson, CBDT [].  For the purpose, enclosed [please click] is a draft prepared on the lines of the representation submitted by us as stated above which you may if so desired treat/make use of as deemed appropriate.  You may also request your fellow colleagues to do so.  Besides, efforts may be taken to discuss the matter with the Trade Association/Market Association etc., to the extent possible, with a view that representation are also made by such Associations. 

A copy of the representation that may be representation made may be forwarded to as cc or bcc to add to our strength – statistically as well as otherwise.

We hope members will send immediately large numbers of representations so that the authorities consider this sensitive issue on priority.

Thanks & Regards,

Voice of CA

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