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Friday FAQs, Job Vacancies and Book on Startup Finance - FINCURIOUS
Friday, December 17, 2021

                                                                     FAQs on IBC

                        3 Fastest replies with most correct answers will receive mementos.

Read the following questions and send the answers at at the earliest.





The Resolution professional shall continue as the liquidator unless replaced by



An application for fast track corporate insolvency resolution process shall be filed by



The declaration given under voluntary liquidation shall not be accompanied with



The moratorium period under the Fresh Start Order process lasts for........ days.



The discharge order shall be forwarded to whom for the purpose of recording an entry
in the register?



The board shall nominate a resolution professional for the insolvency resolution process within_____ of receiving the direction issued by the adjudicating authority



Debtor or creditor for the replacement of resolution professional may apply to



Resolution professional is required to prepare list of creditors from the date of notice till



A debtor may make an application for a fresh start for discharge of all debts. True or False



Who shall prepare the list of creditors after the passing of the bankruptcy order?

                                                                     JOB VACANCIES

We are adding a column for Job Vacancies in our Friday mailers wherein all the job vacancies posted by our members in 'VoCA WhatsApp groups' and 'Voice of CA - Job Vacancies Faceboook Group' would be collated and shared as a link.

The aforesaid Facebook Group can be utilised by group members for posting / viewing Job Opportunities in relation to our Profession.

Join our Facebook group at:

Find this week's Job Vacancies as posted in our associated WhatsApp Groups by clicking on the below Button:

                                                 Book on Startup Finance - FINCURIOUS

One of our members - CA. Rahul Saria has authored a Must - Read on Startup Finance - FINCURIOUS.

All Voice of CA members will get 25% discount on ordering this book. Use Discount Code "VOFCA" and Grab your copy now (paperback with free e-book) at:

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