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First Hand Contribution and Analysis on Budget 2022
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

I. finance bill, 2022 - Direct Taxes:

I)    First Hand Analysis of Finance Bill, 2022

           (Please click for detail)

           (Please click here) for link displayed at Page No. 183 for Rationalization of provisions relating 

                                          to assessment and reassessment

II)  Executive Summary of Finance Bill, 2022

        (Please click for detail)

III)  Clause by Clause Analysis of Budget 2022 [Contribution by CA. Avinash Gupta - Chairman NIRC]

        (Please click for detail)

IV)  Changes under the Income Tax Law [Contribution by CA. Bimal Jain]

        (Please click for detail)


II. finance bill, 2022 - inDirect Taxes:

I)   Highlights of Finance Bill, 2022 - GST

         (Please click for detail)

II)  Finance Bill, 2022 - GST Amendments Summary

         (Please click for detail)

III) Finance Bill, 2022 - First Hand GST Clause-By-Clause Analysis

         (Please click for detail)

IV) Finance Bill, 2022 - Customs Analysis

         (Please click for detail)

V)  Changes under Customs & Excise [Contribution by CA. Bimal Jain]

         (Please click for detail )

VI) Changes under GST [Contribution by CA. Bimal Jain]

         (Please click for detail )


 Prepared by the joint efforts of:

I.        [Contribution by GST Guru & our Mentor CA. Ashok Batra Ji,  Mem No. 081988, Email-id:]

II.      [Contribution by  CA. Sanjay K. Agarwal, Central Council Member (2022-25),  Mem No. 085252, Email-id:]

III.    [Contribution by  CA. Anil Kumar Jain, Former Chairman - NIRC, Mem No. 084559, Email-id:]

IV.     [Contribution by  CA. Vijay Kumar Gupta, Mem No. 088169, Email-id:]

V.       [Contribution by  CA. Ajesh Aggarwal, Mem No. 087781, Email-id:]

VI.     [Contribution by  CA. Mukesh Jain, Mem No. 094199, Email-id:]

VII.    [Contribution by  CA. Sidharth Jain, Mem No. 099165, Email-id:

VIII.  [Contribution by  CA. Ashutosh Chitkara, Mem No. 438636, Email-id:]

IX.     [Contribution by  CA. Kashish Gupta, Mem No. 457078, Email-id:]

X.       [Contribution by  CA. Swati Jain, Mem No. 503118, Email-id:]

XI.      [Contribution by  CA. Nisha Kapur, Mem No. 515527, Email-id:]

XII.     [Contribution by  CA. Puneet Goyal, Mem No. 516352, Email-id:]

XIII.    [Contribution by  CA. Apoorva Bhardwaj, Mem No. 519147, Email-id:]

XIV.    [Contribution by  CA. Rahul Gupta, Mem No. 524018, Email-id:]

XV.      [Contribution by  CA Gautam Paliwal, Mem No. 528460, Email-id:]

XVI.    [Contribution by  CA Ashish, Mem No. 528499, Email-id:]

XVII.   [Contribution by  CA. Lakshay Gupta, Mem No. 543949, Email-id:]

XVIII. [Contribution by  CA. Neha Garg Singla, Mem No. 544711, Email-id:]

XIX.    [Contribution by  CA. Siddhant Pathak, Mem No. 545024, Email-id:]

XX.     [Contribution by  CA. Ketan Goel, Mem No. 545169, Email-id:]

XXI.   [Contribution by  CA. Arpit Suri, Mem No. 547962, Email-id:]

XXII.  [Contribution by  CA. Deepak Aggarwal, Mem No. 554946, Email-id:]

XXIII. [Contribution by  CA. Neha Agarwal, Mem No. 558246, Email-id:]

XXIV.  [Contribution by  CA. Vishal Wadhva, Mem No. 422849, Email-id:]

XXV.    [Contribution by  CA. Brij Bhushan, Mem No. 530489, Email-id:]

XXVI.  [Contribution by  CA. Rohit Gupta, Mem No. 531499, Email-id:]

XXVII. [Contribution by  CA. Lokesh Gupta, Mem No. 534406, Email-id:]

XXVIII.[Contribution by  CA. Ankit Gupta, Mem No. 535923, Email-id:]

XXIX.   [Contribution by  CA. Aman Gupta, Mem No. 541820, Email-id:]

XXX.    [Contribution by  CA. Barkha, CA. Gaurav Goyal & CA. Anand Sharma]

XXXI.  [Contribution by  Shubhankar Jha, Email-id:]

XXXII. [Contribution by  Ankit Nagpal, Email-id:]

We are sharing YouTube link of Union Budget Webinar by CA. (Dr.) Girish Ahuja Ji, CA. Ashok Batra Ji & other eminent speakers. It was first detailed program by Tax Gurus and 39,567 Participants joined the program by different modes i.e. VOCA TV, YouTubes Channels of Voice of CA, CAA & TALES along with Zoom Links.

You may click for its Recording.

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