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Useful Updates on Income Tax and GST | Complete Ind-AS Certification Course | Job vacancies
Friday, February 11, 2022

Useful Updates on Income Tax & GST:

 1. [Contribution by : CA. Jignesh Kumar Parikh] 
Direct Tax Insights - Important Judgements and Updates
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2. [Contribution by : CA. Ravi Kumar Patwa]
Know this week's Tips on 'CAG Empanelment Policy'
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3. [Contribution by : CA. Bimal Jain]
i) Taxpayer cannot be detained for indefinite period for alleged tax evasion where investigation is pending

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ii) GST Authority cannot detain goods/conveyance in transit for non-payment of tax by other person in supply chain

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iii) GST registration cannot be suspended for more than 2 months on the basis of SCN lacking any reason or fact
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iv) Assessment order cannot be issued without giving an opportunity of being heard and is against the principles of natural justice
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