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How to Outsource Your Project with Masterbrains | Job Vacancies | Useful Updates on FTC | Legal obligations | GST & Corporate Tax Updates
Friday, July 8, 2022


How to Outsource Your Projects
With MasterBrains...

Masterbrains is a Start-Up which connects verified Professionals to Businesses and Verified Professionals to Other Professionals.


We aim to resolve the gap between various tiers of professionals/professional firms. This will be achieved by seamlessly passing on the surplus projects or projects of a field other than in which the professional has specialization (Outsourcer) to another professional (Outsourcee) who has the required expertise, time and resources to deliver the project in time to the client of the outsourcer. This will bring equity, enhance quality and reduce the struggle for survival of younger professionals.

Master brains will act as your Trusted Associate who would give structure to this unstructured sector of
‘Finding professionals’ 


 Outsource your project by Clicking on below Button

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Job Vacancies:

Voice of CA introduced a Job Vacancy Group on Facebook where a lot of vacancies are being posted by our group members since January 2022 and we have also been posting the vacancies received in our Whatsapp Groups. More than 35 Job opportunities for CAs, accountants and articles. Read them now at:

Click on the button below for this week's collated job vacancies.


Useful Updates on FTC and Legal Obligations:

[Contributions by CA. Satish Agarwal]

1.Foreign Tax Credit & Residential Status in India
(Please click for detail)

2. Legal obligations for Expatriates & Foreign Citizens in India
(Please click for detail)

                                      Useful Updates on GST

[Contributions by CA. Bimal Jain]

1.Taxability of Reimbursement of expenses under Service tax and GST.
(Please click for detail)

2.Escalated value received under service contract to be considered for the payment of GST.
(Please click for detail)

3.Detention of vehicles / goods without following procedural norms is in gross contravention of the statutory provisions of GST.
(Please click for detail)

Useful Updates on Corporate Tax

[Contribution by CA. Jay Bohra]
GST & Corporate Tax Updates & Judgements Tabloid
(Please click for detail)



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