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Article on Surety Bond Technology | Job Vacancies | FAQs on Intelligence Bureau for Domestic Intelligences & Investigations by Economic Offence Wings | Professional Updates on GST | News_25-12-23
Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Merry Christmas

"As the year comes to a close,
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Article No. 2

[Contribution by Mr. Pranjal Aneja, "Co-Founder & CEO - Surety 007" and contributor is available at & ]

In continuation of previous article, this article discusses the urgent need for Chartered Accountants in India to transition from traditional bank guarantees to surety bonds, highlighting the benefits of surety bonds such as enhanced liquidity and accessibility. It emphasizes the growing trend of surety bonds in the Indian market, especially after the General Financial Rules 2017 amendment by the Ministry of Finance on 2nd Feb 2022. The article advocates for early adoption by Chartered Accountants to stay competitive and underscores the advantages of partnering with Surety Seven, a leader in the digital surety bond market. The shift to surety bonds is presented as crucial for Chartered Accountants to lead in the evolving financial guarantee landscape in India.

Click below link for the article:

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Job Vacancy of the Week



Voice of CA introduced a Job Vacancy Group on Facebook 
Where more than 4800 vacancies are being posted by our group members since January 2022 and we have also been posting the vacancies received in our Whatsapp Groups. Find many more latest job opportunities for CAs, Accountants and Articles now at:

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Professional Updates:

[Contribution by CA. Satish Agarwal]

1. 61 FAQs on Intelligence Bureau (IB) for Domestic Intelligences in India Read More

2. 101 FAQs on Investigations by Economic Offence Wings (EOW) in India Read More

[Contributions by CA. Bimal Jain]

1. Taxpayer entitled to refund under Inverted Duty Structure when tax on input erroneously charged by the Supplier at higher rate Read More

2. GST Registration cancelled without granting any hearing and proper reasoning not sustainable Read More

3. Extraordinary jurisdiction under Article 226 cannot be invoked when the statutory remedy of appeal is not availed Read More

4.Rectification in return to be allowed when ITC in GSTR-3B accounted as IGST credit instead of CGST and SGST credit erroneously Read More

Today's Bulletin:

1. Changes introduced in new ITR forms 1 and 4 notified for Assessment Year 2024-25 Read More

2. HC directed dept. to refund amount since tax & penalty during detention could not be collected twice Read More

3. HC denied to interfere with order passed after due consideration of evidence and compliance with procedures Read More


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