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19.01.2013 - Voice of CA Presents Background Material on Direct & Indirect Taxes
Saturday, January 19, 2013



I.  Useful Contrubition:

[Contribution by Team - Voice of CA ]

BACKGROUND MATERIAL ON DIRECT & indirect TAXES - Covering Various Practical Aspects on Complex Topics:



• Taxation of Charitable Trust

• Taxation of Deemed Dividend u/s 2(22)(e)

• Analysis of Section 14A

• Capital Gain

• Overview of Wealth Tax

• Service Tax (Amended upto 31st August, 2012)

(Please click here for detail)


 II.  Useful Contrubition:

[Contribution by CA Vijay Kumar Gupta and contributor is available at ] 

A Useful Presentation on Highlights of DVAT(4th AMENDMENT) ACT, 2012

(Click here for detail)



III.  Headlines Today: 

  • FEMA Cir. No. 76: RBI advised Authorized dealers to ensure compliance of FEMA provisions to avoid penalty burden  (Click for detail)
  • IT Instruction No. 1: Manual on Exchange of Information (Click for detail)
  • System assisted assessment on the basis of 2A and 2B data mismatch for tax period July, August, September 2012 (Click for detail)
  • Trade licence fees to increase every 3 yrs  (Click for detail)


IV.  Tender Info.: 

  • Gvk Emergency Management & Research Institute
    CA firms for Statutory audit of Accounts for the F.Y. 2012-13
    Solan, Himachal Pradesh
    (Click for detail)


 Golden Rules:

"Two things indicate our weakness,
1. To be silent, when it is proper time to speak.
2. To speak, when it is proper time to be silent


  Thanks & Regards

  Team - Voice of CA 





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